Golden milk(or turmeric milk) for common ailments and their symptoms!

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Have you ever think about why ancestral home remedies are different? Well, they are quite different from modern medications. Turmeric is one of the fast-growing remedies. Imagine, someone is traveling without proper medications. Suddenly the person gets a cold or flu. Turmeric can be the best on-hand remedy. 

It is seen that people become enthusiastic about turmeric on Kauai trips. When exposed to fresh turmeric tubers, they get to know about it. Amanda Rose writes on her blog that she was recovering from the dermatological procedure. She had cheek cells grafted to the nose. She says in that case; turmeric turns to be the only treatment. 

She says that after returning home from the trip, I found golden turmeric milk as the best winter remedy. So by the time, turmeric has become an essential element in almost everything. The taste is fine. The smell is pleasant. It also provides a nice change to a tea. 

Well, turmeric is the key ingredient of golden milk. So this spice is considered a little bitter. Many people ask the question that is it bitter? Amanda Rose says that she defers to her teenage son about turmeric. She asked about the bitterness of turmeric milk. He answered that I'm done with my share of the pie and I'm stuffed.

Is the Golden Milk-Turmeric Milk popular?

Turmeric has always been a key ingredient in ancient medications. It has been used to treat cold, flu, congestion, sore throats, and headaches. Turmeric is also helpful against depression. It must be added to the daily diet, as it is a good brain-building agent. 

Considering the extraordinary anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties: it is a promising therapy compliment to prevent cancer. Various scientific research studies show that it fights skin cancer (Jee, 1998); (Bush, 2001)). It also helps in breast cancer( (Mehta, 1997); (Ramachandran, 1999); (Simon, 1998); (Choudhuri, 2002)). It is also active against colon and liver cancers ( (Hanif, 1997); (Park, 2005)). Lastly, it is powerful against prostate cancer (Mukhopadhyay, 2001).

Amanda Rose also states that the skin research was eye-catching. She knew about turmeric before the Kauai trip. Besides western research, turmeric has been used for centuries as the traditional cure. Self-study can expand the knowledge well. In the eastern world, especially India, Ayurveda and Unani systems use turmeric in cures. It has long treatment cure records up till now. 

TURMERIC MILK, the beverage

Golden turmeric milk is way too simple to make. A dash of ginger can also be used to give an extra bit of flavor. Ginger and turmeric somehow have similar curing abilities. It is also important with the turmeric to subtle its bitterness with mammoth health benefits. 

It is recommended to use fresh ginger and turmeric. Nevertheless, it can be reused as well. You just have to rinse them under the tap and tend to use them for the new batch of simmering tea. So, more batches of nourishing golden milk can be made. Well, it will be light on budget as well. 


How to Make Your Own Golden Turmeric Milk?

Well, making this amazing nourishing healthy drink is not a big deal. There is a simple recipe that can be helpful.

  • Bring two cups of any type of milk to a simmer in a saucepan.
  • Then add the main key element of golden milk i.e. Turmeric. Chop into small pieces, 1/2-inch long if fresh, or 1 teaspoon of dried.
  • Then add ginger for flavor. If it is in dried form, then add tsp. if it is fresh then add one-half inch thinly sliced. 
  • Then, add some ground black pepper.
  • Give it a nice stir, especially in the case of spices that have been dried.
  • Simmer the liquid. Stir the pan and make sure there are no small bubbles on the sides.
  • Keep an eye on the milk while cooking. Let it cook for a few minutes but do not let it overheat.
  • At this moment, stir it well, despite the distractions in the kitchen.
  • Now turn the flame off. Let the turmeric milk cool down for 5-10 minutes for a better infusion.
  • Especially when using fresh ingredients, strain the milk mixture.
  • Try adding a touch of honey to boost the flavor.

It's best to drink it when it's still warm.

Pro Tip: If the Golden milk is too bitter for your taste, you may have cooked it for too short a time. As when the turmeric is boiled, it becomes less bitter. Moreover, while using dairy-based milk, keep it under proper check. Do not keep it undercook, nor make it burn. 

Few other uses of turmeric:

Other than the obsession with golden milk, turmeric is a top-notch beneficial spice. It can be used in daily basis food recipes. It can be also used in skin care recipes, to make skin efficiently glowing and healthy. 

Hope this article helps you a lot and is beneficial for knowledge. I would like to acknowledge Fresh bites daily. Their article has made things effective, easy, and evident. 

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