The Power Healing Bowls: Turmeric Sweet Potatoes, Lemon Dressing, and Poached Eggs

I wonder when the concept of bowls came into the picture. I can tell you that I am so fixated on, from last year to around this time. I am obsessed with the possibility and act of adding a variety of food into a bowl before giving it cool bowl names. These names are always something like Bangkok Curry Bowls, Mediterranean Quinoa Bowl, and Netflix + Healing Bowls. 

To me, these are the equivalent of the millennial casserole version. The only question with bowls is; how do you prepare them if you intend to feed a multitude? By multitude, I mean family. The most acceptable way is to make everything independently then get everyone to shape their separate bowls, maybe? 

I often feed only two individuals in my family, so I am uncertain about the mechanism around these things. Do you think bowls are kind of restraining to whomever they apply to? Comment below with your views if you have a family larger than two people. 

Meanwhile, the rest of us who cook for only one or two people will stick to putting together and consuming all the bowls we can lay hands on. I’ll also work on making a class of POY for Bowls. I set out to make this recipe, and it just isn’t a salad. I promise you. 

The Healing Bowl circumstance today is classically gorgeous and nourishing. Check this out. (Embed this Video


The healing bowl


Image & video courtesy of Pinch of Yum

Here’s how it all comes alive. 

We are creating a mass of sweet potatoes in a skillet + brief steam. Adding Turmeric since these are therapeutic bowls, we need our power spices to play in such scenarios. 

We are buzzing up a hooking bunch of lemon herb dressing in roughly 5 seconds, all thanks to a Blender. 

We are adding some cooked brown rice and red quinoa to the bowl. That’s before feeling immense gratitude for the product that has just saved us so much time. It’s a giant package of Seeds of Change thoroughly prepared whole-grain foodstuffs sold at Costco. Just mentioning. 

We are positioning the sweet potatoes and arugula on top of the red quinoa and brown rice. We’ll maybe revisit the fridge for the possibility of last additions, then just let it soak in part of the lemon herb dressing. It looks lively, sappy and tempting enough for you to wish to sink your teeth into it immediately but hold up – the egg.

All right, let’s get to it. We are poaching the egg. I am more like a toddler when you gauge my egg-poaching abilities, so I rely on the jar-lid trick. It works like magic every time. Here’s how it’s done. You can choose to scramble the egg but talk about scrambled eggs sometimes, people!!! They are challenging to appreciate. It’s why I have a soft spot for poached eggs in bowls (like every time). 

Finally, we are finished. We get down to the bowl of nourishing and colourful unhurried food that is very satisfying. It is also laden with flavour that we ponder how we’ll ever have anything different for dinner. 


the healing bowl - turmeric bowl


Is this not the mighty food combination? 

All thanks to Turmeric, sweet potatoes, brown rice, arugula, eggs, red quinoa, and lemon herb dressing with a tint of garlic. You are much appreciated.